After a steady grooming from his father, Pranab started his musical training from Sh. Dilip Roy. Then, he went on to receive focused training from Ustad Rashid Khan of Calcutta for many years. He then became a shishya of Ustad Nissar Husain Khan - "The legend of the Rampur Sehswan Gharana". After Khan Sahib's death, Pranab migrated to Delhi in his quest for learning. He came in contact with Padma Bhushan Pandit Debu Chaudhari, who gave him valuable guidance. He was introduced to Sarfaraz Hussain Khan, the illustrious son of the late Khan Sahib, to carry on his training in the same Gharana.

In the mean time, Pranab earned a name for himself as a bright rising star on the horizon and illuminated the name of his Gharana. Then, he was selected for a National Scholarship by the Government of India for his exceptional talent. He went on to become a regular artiste for All India Radio.

He successfully completed his M.Phil. in music from Delhi University. He has charmed audiences with his melodious & powerful performances in various places in India & Bangladesh. Pranab has been trained under the regular guidance of the famous Padma Bhushan Pandit Rajan & Sajan Mishra of the Benares Gharana. He has developed a new dimension to his style by blending the best of both Gharanas.

VOCAL QUALITY AND STYLE :- His voice has a rich, soulful quality with fullness & resonance. A commanding reach and range that spans three octaves, with a unique combination of sweetness and power. His effortless manner of singing is outstanding. His taans rise and fall with natural grace, some with lightning speed. One is struck by his immaculate intonation and an unerring sense of style, rhythm, variety of vocal tones and graceful expression of deeply felt emotions. His musical style is aesthetic, unfolding changing patterns which transforms the listeners to another world.

Blend of Gharanas


History-Genealogy: One of the prominent pioneers of this style was Ustad Inayat Hussain Khan of Sehswan. He came under the tutelage of Ustad Bahadur Husain Khan of Rampur, who represented the pure "Seniya" tradition which could be traced back to Miyan Tansen. This marked the beginning of a long association between Rampur and Sehswan. Hence this rich vocalism was called the Rampur Sehswan Gharana. Khan Sahib's visit to Gwalior resulted in an influence of the Gwalior Gharana. Later on, his two son-in-laws, Ustad Mushtaq Hussain Khan & Padma Bhushan Nissair Hussain Khan carried on the tradition of the Gharana. It then evolved into a blend of Agra & Gwalior Gharanas.

Vocal Style: A salient feature of this style is the perceptible impress of the instrumental style in singing. Devices like "Meend" and "Soot" are an integral part of the overall scheme. There are intricate sargam patterns, notably known as "Choot-ki-Sargam"; which come and go in quick succession. They cover three octaves, sometimes skipping octaves in between. Attention is paid to long range "Sapaat-Taan". Another unique feature is the "Tappa-Taan". "Tarana" and "Layakare" are used to create dynamics. The intricate beauty of this style is revealed as it unfolds varieties of vocal patterns.

The Torchbearers: Ustad Inayat Hussain Khan, Ustad Mushtaq Hussain Khan, Padma Bhushan Ustad Nissar Hussain Khan, Pandit Ramkrishna Vaze, Khadim Hussain Khan, Ishtiaq Hussain Khan, Ghulam Taqi, Ghulam Sadiq, Ghulam Mustafa, Hafeez Ahmed Hussaid and Rashid Khan.


History-Genealogy: This rich heritage is associated with the holy city of "Varanasi", which needs to be aptly described as a parampara. This tradition is known to have produced at least two generations of vocalists, instrumentalists, percussionists and dancers.

Vocal Style / Genre: This musical style has richness, devotion and a monumental quality. It is "Khayal-oriented". "Thumris" are also sung, which create certain moods through a combination of words and melody. Restraint of rendering is a feature of this graceful style.

The Torchbearers: The shehnai maestro Bismillah Khan and the late sarangi wizard Gopal Mishra. The prima-dona of Kathak Sitara-devi. Vocalists Bade Ramdasji, Shrimati Siddheshwari Devi, Pandit Mahadev Mishra, the singing duo Pandit Rajan Sajan Mishra, Shrimati Girijadevi.

Press Reviews


SHRUTI says, ".....But the most impressive feature of his total singing was his ability to execute fluent powerful tanas (in pure aakar) that looked perfectly articulate in spite of their pace and nowhere tended to offend the listening ear...."

Mar 13 2000, Delhi


The BANGA BANDHU daily says, "....The touch of his Great Masters could easily be traced in his masterly way of handling the music. Pranab beautifully and slowly unfolded the spirit of the music in front of his audience, who clearly were mesmerized with his brilliant performance."

Mar 13 2000, Delhi


The PIONEER daily says, ".....the performance was like a flowering perfection. It's different stages like aalap, behalav and bole banav as worthy of appreciation.....It is precisely in observing this discipline that Pranab will always attract attention of the connoisseurs. His flair for tana is indeed remarkable."

Aug 2 2000, Delhi


"While praising his recital THE HINDU daily writes "...because of his superior training and the slick and flawless execution, one spontaneously likes to put Pranab in the category of professional musicians."

May 8 1998, Delhi





    May - June, 2009, Various places in USA


    7 Mar '10: Sabarban Music Circle - Santacruz, Mumbai.
    24 Oct '09: Concert - Piscuttawa, NJ, USA
    3 Oct '09: Concert - New Jersy, USA
    26 Sep '09: Concert - Oxford, MA, USA

    20 Sep '09: Concert - ICC, New Jersey
    29 Aug '09: Concert - Montville, New Jersey. USA
    7 Aug '09: Concert - Delaware, USA
    30 June '09: Concert - Benghapmton, Upstate New York, USA

    15 May '09: Concert - Upstate NewYork, USA
    25 Apl '09: Concert - Parsippany, USA
    Mar '05: Sangeet Mahotsav, Nehru Centre - Mumbai
    Dec '04: Nehru Centre - Mumbai

    Dec '04: Sharmukhanand Hall - Mumbai
    May '04: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan - Bangalore
    Oct '03: ISKON Temple - Mumbai
    Feb '02: District Library - Guwahati

    May '01: Balaji Festival - Salesar, Rajasthan
    July '00: Organised by Govt. of India - Dhaka, Bangladesh
    July '00: Tabla Vikas Parishad - Delhi
    Mar '99: Yuva Mahotsav, Govt. of Delhi - Delhi

    Dec '98: Baba Harvallabh Festival - Jalandar
    May '98: Yuva Mahotsav - Delhi
    Mar '97: Youth Festival - Chandigarh

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