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From his early childhood, Pranab reflected his musical talent & grasping power by singing tunes heard just once.

Born in Calcutta, he had the advantage of being groomed in a musical environment. Pranab soon realized his need to learn music and evolve, so that he could carve a niche for himself.

After a steady grooming from his father, Pranab started his musical training from Sh. Dilip Roy. Then, he went on to receive focused training from Ustad Rashid Khan of Calcutta for many years. He then became a shishya of Ustad Nissar Husain Khan - "The living legend of the Rampur Sehswan Gharana". After Khan Sahib's death, Pranab migrated to Delhi in his quest for learning. He came in contact with Padma Bhushan Pandit Debu Chaudhari, who gave him valuable guidance. He was introduced to Sarfaraz Hussain Khan, the illustrious son of the late Khan Sahib, to carry on his training in the same Gharana.

In the mean time, Pranab earned a name for himself as a bright rising star on the horizon and illuminated the name of his Gharana. Then, he was selected for a National Scholarship by the Government of India for his exceptional talent. He went on to become a regular artiste for All India Radio. He successfully completed his M.Phil. in music from Delhi University. He has charmed audiences with his melodious & powerful performances in various places in India & Bangladesh.

Pranab has been trained under the regular guidance of the famous Pandit Rajan Sajan Mishra of the Benares Gharana. He has developed a new dimension to his style by blending the best of both Gharanas.


His voice has a rich, soulful quality with fullness & resonance. A commanding reach and range that spans three octaves, with a unique combination of sweetness and power.

His effortless manner of singing is outstanding. His taans rise and fall with natural grace, some with lightning speed. One is struck by his immaculate intonation and an unerring sense of style, rhythm, variety of vocal tones and graceful expression of deeply felt emotions.

His musical style is aesthetic, unfolding changing patterns which transforms the listeners to another world.

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